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Fat Transfer Surgery in Chandigarh

Fat transfer surgery refers to taking out fat from one body part and injecting it into another. For facelifts, giving cheeks volume, thickening lips, and correcting other facial features, this one remains an effective solution.

Our experienced and reliable cosmetic surgeons at Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics make sure that you get the best results without undergoing a painful process.

How Does Fat Transfer Surgery Work?

Fat transfer surgery is a common way of relocating excess fat to body parts that lack it. Of late, with the advancement of cosmetic surgery, fat transfer treatments have become more popular and safer. In this surgery, the surgeon generally identifies a body part which has enough amount of fat. 

The expert carries out a minimally invasive procedure to extract the fat from the area. The surgeons take out as much fat as they need for a particular surgery. Once extracted, the fat undergoes a filtration process. The surgeons then inject the filtered fat into the area under treatment.

For facial fat grafting, the expert surgeons inject the fat into the part that needs volume. The best part is facial fat grafting offers a permanent solution and does not inflict much on the person undergoing the treatment. Patients take at most 7 days to recover after the procedure.

Types of Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat transfer surgery can be of three types based on which part of the body is undergoing the process. The following three remain the most popular types of fat transfer.

  • Macro Fat Transfer

As the name suggests, macro fat transfer involves the transfer of a substantial amount of fat from one part of the body to another. This process is particularly useful for lifting buttocks. 

Alternatively, for breast lifting and enhancing the volume of breasts, macro fat transfer finds extensive application. Surgeons first take enough amount of fat from other parts of the body, filter it, and then insert it in the desired area. This process helps in rendering buttocks and breasts a perfectly rounded shape and helps reduce sagging. 

  • Micro Fat Transfer 

Sometimes a little touch of fat remains enough for facial feature correction. For example, people with thin lips or deep creases around their nose might need a micro fat transfer surgery. 

This process involves the transfer of a small quantity of fat to the target area so that the nose, face, under-eye area, or lip gains a desired shape and volume. Since all these body parts cover only a small area, the amount of fat needed for the corrections also remains limited. 

  • Nano Fat Transfer

Nano fat grafting is also called super-micro grafting. Expert surgeons first take the fat out of the donor part and then filter it finely. 

More filtered than micro fat, nano fat easily enters the skin or tears troughs. Therefore for exceptionally small and fine areas, nano-fat grafting remains the best alternative. 

At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics,we make sure to first check your requirements before suggesting any of these methods. Book an appointment with our esteemed cosmetic surgeons to know the best alternative for you. 

Fat Transfer Surgery Cost In Chandigarh

Fat transfer cost in Chandigarh may vary based on the type of grafting, the area getting corrected and several other factors. Depending on the type of grafting, fat transfer surgeries might cost you between INR 50,000 and 1, 00,000. 

Procedure Cost
Face Lift 1,50,000
Brow Lift 75,000
Lip Reshaping 30,000

Fat Transfer Surgery Procedure

The fat transfer procedure takes place in three stages. You can either opt for a full anaesthesia or partial one. You can also take the opinion of our experienced and expert surgeons about this. 

  • Step 1: Fat Removal: This process resembles liposuction. Initially, cosmetic surgeons make very small cuts in the skin. Once done, they use a thin tube to suck out small quantities of fat from the incised region. After extracting an adequate amount of fat depending on the surgical requirement, the expert surgeons close the cuts. 
  • Step 2: Fat Preparation: In the next step, the surgeons perform a filtration task with the collected fat. They make the fat free from other fluids and blood which automatically come out during fat removal. 
  • Step 3: Fat Injection: Once done, surgeons inject the filtered fat into the area that needs volume. In this part, stitching is not generally administered.

Why Choose Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics For Fat Transfer Surgery in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh has numerous renowned cosmetic surgery clinics. However, Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Chandigarh. The following are some reasons for selecting this clinic. 

  • Expertise: As one of the leading cosmetic clinics in Chandigarh it has several experienced surgeons who perform fat transfer surgeries with the utmost precision. You can trust these experts blindfolded. 
  • Prices: The surgery costs at Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics remain reasonable and competitive. 
  • Various Services: Recovering after a fat transfer surgery requires steady support from the clinic. Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics offers top-notch services and facilities that help facial grafting patients recover faster. 
  • Patient Care: As one of the most renowned cosmetic surgery clinics in Chandigarh, Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics harbours a patient-friendly attitude. The executives there do not watch the clock when it comes to replying to your queries or attending to your calls.
  • High-End Technology: Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics amalgamates the expertise of the surgeons with state-of-the-art modern technology to provide the patients with impeccable outcomes. 

Why Chandigarh for Fat Transfer Surgery?

Almost all tier-one cities in the country have several cosmetic clinics for fat transfer surgeries. But, Chandigarh stands apart from them for the following reasons. 

  • The cosmetic surgery cost is relatively less in Chandigarh. In other big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, cosmetic surgery costs remain quite high. 
  • Chandigarh enjoys a seamless connection with the rest of the country. You can reach Chandigarh within a few hours as most cities have direct flights to Chandigarh.
  • Chandigarh is known as the city of doctors. Therefore, you will find several experienced cosmetic surgeons here who can offer you impeccable solutions at affordable rates. 

When you look perfect from the outside, you feel confident from the inside. To correct your facial features by adding fat to your face, contact Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics and our executives will help you through the process.

Fat Transfer FAQs

Despite adequate precautions, about 30% of fat usually gets resorbed after Fat Transfer. For this reason, an excess amount of fat is placed in the buttocks so that your desired result is achieved with the 50-70% of the fat that survives. The process of fat survival and uptake is unpredictable.

The pain from the surgical procedure can be easily managed with the help of oral pain killers. Mild discomfort and tightness is expected until the body gets used to the fullness in the face. However, if you are sensitive to pain, we will always be available to assist your recovery.

The Fat Transfer is performed through tiny injections and is virtually a scarless procedure. The liposuction scars are also minute (less than 1cm) to be noticeable and usually fade with time.

The specific risks and complications associated with fat Transfer will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal.

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