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Breast Reduction Surgery in Chandigarh

Breast reduction surgery involves removing extra fat, tissues, and skin from heavy breasts. Sometimes, people have several problems when they have exceptionally large breasts. They may suffer from back pain, neck pain etc. 

Also, extremely large breasts can look a little odd. People often feel less confident about wearing dresses like noodle strap tops, off-shoulder tops, etc., when they have large breasts. 

Therefore, for physical as well as psychological reasons people undergo breast reduction surgery to be in shape and feel confident. 

At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics, we have several experienced cosmetic surgeons who carry out this surgery with precision.

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

To begin with, breast reduction surgery does not apply to only women. Even men with unusually large breasts can opt for this process. Additionally, people who do not identify with the sex they are born as can opt for breast reduction surgery. 

Typically, the process involved the removal of extra fat, tissues, and shin from the breast area. Sometimes, the expert also relocates the nipples to lend the breasts a perfect shape. This is not a minimally invasive process like several other cosmetic surgeries. 

To reach the layer of fat, the surgeon cuts the areola first. This is a small incision. From this cut the expert proceeds to your underreact crease. Finally, the surgeon removes the extra fat, tissues, and skin and closes the incision by stitching. 

Most patients return to their regular life within 3 weeks of their surgery. We, at Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics, make sure to check on each of our patients to help them recover properly. 

Types of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be of various types based on the procedure followed during the surgery. The following are some of the types of this surgery.

  • Liposuction

This is the simplest method. It begins with making a small incision on your breast skin and then the expert surgeon inserts a tube into your breast. 

The other end of this tube stays connected to a vacuum which sucks fat, tissues, etc., out. The recovery period of this type of surgery is less and it leaves almost no scars behind. 

  • Lollipop or Vertical

This process is ideal for people with sagging breasts. For moderate reductions, the surgeon will cut around the areola and proceed up to the under-breast crease to reach the fat layer. 

Since the vertical incision in this case spreads across a larger area, the scar it leaves behind looks like a lollipop. After this surgery, the breast volume reduces and they look tighter and lifted. 

  • Anchor or Inverted T

For a large amount of reduction, this process remains the most effective one. The incision required in this case remains larger than vertical. For acutely sagging, large breasts, this remains the most effective solution. 

  • Breast Lift

Along with breast reduction, surgeons can also perform relocation of nipples to make your breasts look lifted. In this case, the surgeon only moves the nipple upward to make your breasts look tighter. 

  • Gynecomastia Surgery 

this surgery does not involve breast lifting. However, it could be a long process in which the surgeon will reduce the volume of your breasts. 

At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics,our experienced and expert surgeons first check your condition and then suggest the right procedure. You can also request breast lifting during the surgery as it does not usually require additional cuts. 

Call us today to book an appointment with one of the skilled and empathetic cosmetic surgeons who knows how you feel when your body looks a little out of shape. 

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Chandigarh

Breast reduction surgery costs in Chandigarh depend on the amount of reduction required and the surgery procedure. However, almost all surgery procedures include anaesthesia costs, room facility costs, doctor’s fees, pathological examination costs, etc. When you change clinics, these costs may vary as well. 

Items Cost
Surgery cost 1,00,000 – 1,70,000
Surgeon’s fee and Clinic Facility 14,000 – 20,000
Medical Tests 3,000 – 5,000

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

The breast reduction surgery process involves three stages. 

  • Step 1: Incision: For all the procedures, incision remains a common method. Based on which procedure you have undergone, the surgeon will either make a small incision around your areola or make a few more cuts to reach the bottom layer of your breast fat.
  • Step 2: Fat Removal: Once the surgeons reach the fat layer, they extract the additional tissues, fat, etc., using a tube they insert into the breast through the incision.
  • Step 3: Stitching: Once the extraction is over, the surgeon stitches the entire cut. Sometimes, if necessary or requested by the patient, the surgeons also perform relocation of nipples for breast lifting before finally stitching the cuts close. 

Why Choose Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics for Breast Reduction Surgery in Chandigarh?

Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics is one of the most reputed cosmetic surgery clinics in Chandigarh. Here are a few reasons for choosing this clinic. 

  • Expertise: Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics has the best and the most experienced surgeons listed on its panel. These experts stay abreast of the latest surgery methods and carry out every surgery with precision. 
  • Various Services: For all types of cosmetic surgeries, you can rely on Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics. We deliver a wide range of surgeries to make you look more beautiful and feel more confident. 
  • Prices: At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics we keep all our prices and charges extremely reasonable. 
  • High-End Technology: Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics uses only the latest devices and technologies to offer top-notch patient services.
  • Patient Care: At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics, we believe that post-surgery care is the most important part of any treatment. Therefore, we keep our services varied to meet all our patients’ diverse post-surgery care requirements.

Why Chandigarh for Breast Reduction Surgery?

While several cities in India have cosmetic surgery clinics, Chandigarh is the best destination for breast reduction surgery for the following reasons. 

  • Reaching Chandigarh from any part of the country takes only a few hours by plane. This city also remains linked to the entire nation via railways and roadways. 
  • Getting cosmetic surgery done in a metropolitan city like Delhi or Mumbai can be quite costly. The clinics in Chandigarh keep the charges quite reasonable which most people can afford. 
  • A variety of doctors and surgeons live in Chandigarh. Therefore, the best clinics here offer experienced surgeons. 

A large part of your mental health stays closely connected to your body shape. When you look good, you can wear any dress without any hesitation. Contact Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics for any variety of cosmetic surgeries like very sophisticated breast reduction procedures.

Breast Reduction FAQs

1. What is the most important factor to consider while deciding to get a breast reduction?

Scars are the most important factor to influence your decision of a breast reduction. Perky, smaller, attractive, higher placed breasts come at the cost of some scars as in any cosmetic surgery.

2. What is Scarless Breast Reduction?

Scarless breast reduction is the liposuction of the breast. However, it only removes the excess fat from the breast, leaving behind the harder breast tissue. However, it has a limited role as the amount of fat or gland in the breast cannot be calculated beforehand, and this procedure does not lift the breast.

3. When can I resume work after breast reduction?

It usually depends on how you feel. Most patients safely resume work by 7-10 days post breast reduction surgery.

4. When can I start exercising post breast reduction?

Light exercise can be resumed 1 week after breast reduction surgery and more vigorous exercises not involving the pectoral muscles can be resumed 6 weeks after surgery. A full unrestricted activity can be resumed 12 weeks after surgery.

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