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Breast Lift Surgery in Chandigarh

As a woman, you’d know your breasts symbolize femininity – something that makes you feel good, desirable, and more confident. Unfortunately, time and lifestyle may take a toll on the shape and firmness of your breasts and they look saggy. Childbirth, weight fluctuations, or aging are some factors that can cause your breasts to lose their youthful shape and attractiveness.

Do not fret! Let advanced technology and surgery help you attain younger-looking, firmer, and perkier breasts that will boost your self-confidence. Consider a breast lift surgery in Chandigarh under the expert supervision of Dr Aggarwal and his team. Owing to our incredible expertise in this field, we guarantee you desirable results.

So, if you are considering getting a breast lift surgery to enhance the look and appeal of your sagging breasts, then your ultimate choice is Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics. Request a call back for all inquiries and a detailed evaluation.

How Does a Breast Lift Surgery Work?

Have you been a mother recently and enjoying the sheer happiness of motherhood? But when you look in the mirror, you find your breasts looking shapeless and unattractive – thanks to childbirth and breastfeeding! Or perhaps you are in your 40s but your breasts look like they are in their 60s. Flabby breasts, nipples drooping downwards! We understand you do not feel comfortable in your own skin.

Not anymore! Visit our clinic for a breast lift surgery and we can help restore your physical attractiveness and confidence. During the procedure, our surgeons will remove excess and loose skin from your breasts and the surrounding areas. Then the breast tissue is reshaped to give a perky lift to your breasts.

Right after the procedure, you can see visible changes in your breasts – though their shape and firmness will continue to evolve through the following months. Expect your breasts to remain swollen for about 14 days. You may also experience tenderness around your nipples for a few months. We recommend minimal physical activity during the recovery phase. You should also sleep on your back and not on your breasts.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

There are different types of breast lift surgery in Chandigarh and we choose the right one based on how much your breasts have sagged and the desired results. We also consider factors like the volume of excessive skin, the position of your nipples, and breast size. Various types of breast lift surgery we specialize in are:

  • Lollipop or vertical lift: If you have moderate sagging, this is a suitable breast lift surgery for you. The excess skin in your breasts is removed using two incisions – one from the areola to your breast crease and one around the areola. The procedure aids in more dramatic lifting, stretching and reshaping of your breasts.
  • Crescent lift: A small incision is made on the top part of the areola, resulting in a slight breast lift. It is suitable if you have minimal sagging.
  • Donut or periareolars lift: In this breast lift procedure, we will make an incision inside the areola. Our experienced surgeon will then remove a section of donut-shaped excessive skin from your breasts and reposition the nipples upwards. It is ideal for moderate to mild breast sagging.
  • Inverted T lift: We recommend this procedure if you have significant breast sagging. Three incisions are made to remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue. You can expect a more youthful appearance and shape of your breasts after an Inverted T lift.

Not sure which type of breast lift surgery is right for you? We will perform a detailed evaluation of your breasts and recommend the right procedure.

Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Chandigarh

Several factors influence breast lift surgery costs in Chandigarh. These include the severity of your condition and the type of surgery recommended. You should also keep in mind the cost of diagnostic tests, doctor’s fees, hospitalisation expenses, and pre and post-treatment medications.

The average cost of breast lift surgery in Chandigarh is INR 85,500 and may go up to INR 91,000 to INR 1.25 lakhs depending on the type of surgery performed.

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

At Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics, we follow a safe and reliable breast lift surgery procedure to offer desired outcomes. Before the surgery, our experienced anaesthetist will administer either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. Now, based on the recommended surgical procedure, our surgeon will make incisions:

  • Around the areola
  • One incision around the areola and another vertical incision down from the areola to the breast crease
  • One incision around the areola, a vertical one down from the breast crease, and another horizontal one along the breast crease

After making the incisions, the surgeon will remove excess skin and lift & reshape the breast tissue to enhance firmness and contour. We will also reposition the areola and nipple to give a perky height. If you have enlarged areolas, we can reduce it by expunging skin at the perimeter.

Once the excess skin is removed and the breasts are reshaped, we will tighten the remaining skin and close the incisions with stitches.

Why Choose Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics for Lift Surgery in Chandigarh?

Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics is a renowned cosmetic treatment centre in Chandigarh, specialising in high-quality breast lift surgery.

  • We specialize in the right type of breast lift procedure as our patients desire.
  • Expert and well-trained breast surgeons perform the procedure safely and precisely, so there is less risk and minimal downtime.
  • Best-in-class medical facilities and comprehensive care to assist you at every step of the procedure.
  • We believe in open communication and building trust with our patients to deliver top-notch aesthetic outcomes.

Why Chandigarh for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery has become a common cosmetic procedure in Chandigarh, attracting patients from across the country. The city boasts premier medical facilities and advanced technology systems that ensure the surgery will be performed with utmost precision and safety. It is also home to internationally renowned and board-certified breast surgeons who can devise tailored treatment plans and deliver superior, long-lasting results.

Breast lift surgery costs in Chandigarh are also 30% to 40% more affordable than in other cities.

If you want beautifully sculpted, perky breasts, visit our clinic today for a breast lift surgery. Request a free call back Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics, we will be happy to help you with a customised surgery plan at an affordable cost.

Breast Lift FAQs

Breast ptosis or sag can be classified into four types.

Glandular Ptosis Or Pseudoptosis:
It is drooping of the breast gland below the breast crease or inframammary fold, but the nipple-areola is positioned above the breast crease.

Grade I Ptosis or early breast ptosis:
Both the breast gland and nipple-areola droop slightly below the breast crease

Grade II Ptosis or moderate breast ptosis:
Both the breast Gland and nipple-areola droop more significantly below the breast crease

Grade III Ptosis or severe breast ptosis:
The nipple-areola is facing down and is the lowest aspect of the drooping breast

The type of breast lift is decided based on the grade of breast ptosis or sag.

Scars are the most important factor in influencing your decision of a breast lift. Perky, youthful, attractive, higher placed breasts come at the cost of some scars as in any cosmetic surgery.

Recovery after a breast lift can be easily managed by oral pain killers. Mild discomfort and tightness may be present immediately after surgery, which disappears as the body adjusts to the change in the breasts within a few days.

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