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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Chandigarh

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures at our clinic in Chandigarh. For many women, it provides significant benefits, including increased self-confidence that comes when you look at your best. If you would like to improve the appearance of your breasts, then breast augmentation is an excellent option.

From puberty to adulthood, the breasts are integral to a woman’s body. In society, breasts symbolise numerous aspects of femininity. The shape and size of your breasts can impact your overall self-confidence. At your first consultation, Dr Abhinav Aggarwal will listen patiently to your goals. Based on your preferences, we will prepare you for the surgery.

Types of Breast Augmentation

It is normal to feel confused with the sheer number of breast augmentation techniques available nowadays. However, at Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics in Chandigarh, we only use the safest breast implants for our patients. Listed are the common types of breast implants available nowadays.

Saline Breast Implants 

Customary to their name, these implants are primarily made of saline solution. Even if it breaks, your body will absorb the saline solution.

Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants 

We primarily use cohesive silicone gel implants in Chandigarh for our clients. One of the key USPs of these implants is that they are FDA-approved.

Round Breast Implants 

If your dream is to make your breasts look fuller, round breast implants are the best solution. Moreover, if they rotate out of place, they don’t change the appearance of your breasts.

Nanotextured Breast Augmentation Implants 

It is one of those breast augmentation implants that offer complete peace of mind. Note that we don’t use macro textured breast implants due to the risks associated with various illnesses.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Chandigarh

Breast augmentation at Dr. Aggarwal’s Aesthetics in Chandigarh is a life-changing process to help enhance your confidence and improve your beauty levels. An experienced team of our specialists, under the leadership of Dr. Aggarwal provides a smooth process with emphasis on safety and patient satisfaction as main priorities. Recognising the importance of individualised care, we provide personalised breast augmentation options based on specific objectives.

For cost, we have clear prices based on the quality of service and specialist knowledge. We at Dr. Aggarwal’s Aesthetics strive to bring aesthetic dreams to life and care for our patient’s well-being first. Contact us to know the cost of the breast augmentation procedure.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

One of the first steps towards breast augmentation surgery is to consult one of our breast implant surgeons.

  • We will list the different types of breast implants.
  • Our surgeons will describe the distinguishing features of numerous types of implants.
  • We will help you select the perfect size of a breast that fits your whole profile.

After you decide on the type of implant for a breast augmentation surgery, we will:

  • Review your medical history
  • Analyse and measure your breasts
  • Discuss your expectations
  • Remind you of the aftercare guidelines

You are required to show up for consultations before the surgery takes place at Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics.

Choosing Chandigarh for Breast Augmentation

Chandigarh is one of the best destinations for breast implants. The city, located at the foothills of the Himalayas, will calm your nerves. Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics has a sprawling facility that will help you recover from breast surgery properly.

The latest implants are used to ensure that our users get the best out of the surgery. During the initial consultations, we will make sure that your body’s vital parameters are stable before the surgery.

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size, shape, and overall aesthetics of the breasts. Our breast augmentation surgery in Chandigarh typically involves the following steps:


The journey starts with a visit to Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal. In this meeting, he will talk about the goals of the patient, medical history, etc.

Choosing Implants

You and Dr Abhinav Aggarwal cooperate to choose the type, size, and form of breast implants.


The surgeon makes an incision, typically in one of three common locations: around the areola, beneath the breast crease, or underarm.

Implant Placement

The surgeon makes a space either behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle (pectoralis major) to accommodate the implant.

Closing Incisions

The incisions are carefully closed with sutures or surgical adhesive following implant placement. The surgeon is careful to keep scarring to a minimum.


After surgery, your condition will be observed in the recovery area of our clinic. Following the post-operative care instructions includes wearing a supportive bra.

Patients are also placed on a regular follow-up schedule to ease the monitoring of healing, address any concerns, and ensure that the procedure is successful in the long term.

Why Choose Dr. Aggarwal’s Aesthetics for Breast Augmentation in Chandigarh?

For the best breast augmentation service, select Dr. Aggarwal’s Aesthetics in Chandigarh. Guided by famous surgeon Dr Abhinav Aggarwal, our clinic always cares about your safety, satisfaction, and goals. Being devoted to personalised care, we walk with you every step of the way, from detailed consultations to choosing your preferred implants.

Our transparent pricing policy provides clarity and confidence in your investment. Gain from the latest methods, modern equipment, and a professional group that will help make you even more gorgeous. Embark on a transformative journey with trust, precision, and the assurance of top-quality results at Dr. Aggarwal’s Aesthetics.

Why Choose Chandigarh for Breast Augmentation?

Select Chandigarh for having breast augmentation provides patients with the combination of high-quality medical care and peaceful atmosphere. Dr Aggarwal’s Aesthetics is a reputable centre for innovative aesthetic procedures located in this bustling city. Meanwhile, Chandigarh is a place where patients can recuperate in peace and serenity.

Our clinic in Chandigarh is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, our world-famous surgeon Dr. Abhinav ensures that patients have access to the latest techniques in addition to personalised care.

So, take the advantage of improving your beauty in a city that combines medical knowledge with a relaxing environment. To learn more about our breast augmentation surgery in Chandigarh, contact us today. We strive to offer transparent and detailed information to our revered patients.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

We prefer to use breast implants made of cohesive silicone gel which are FDA approved. They are safe and have a natural feel of breast tissue to it. However, saline implants are also available, which are filled with a saltwater solution and are slightly more cost-effective.

Depending on the texture, the implants can be macro, micro, nano-textured or smooth depending on its surface. We prefer the use of smooth implants or nanotextured implants. We do not use macro textured implants due to its risk associated with ALCL.

Depending on the shape, they can round or anatomic (teardrop-shaped) implants. Round implants give more fullness at the top while anatomic provide a more natural shape. The patient’s anatomy and desires guide the selection of the shape of the implant. Round implants are more popular among women.

Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and have an average lifespan of 10 years. However, many women with breast implants continue without a problem for over 15-20 years. Rupture of the implant or capsular contracture may require revision surgery to change the implants.

Studies have shown that breast implants are extremely safe and pose no additional risk to breast cancer. Mammograms taken after breast augmentation may need additional special views to cover the breast after breast implant surgery.

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